Housing Surveys

 Copies of All our Surveys for Batley Carr are available as an A4 Thermally Bound Book or as an Individually Priced Booklet for a Single Property, the booklets contain the individual property survey and a gallery of photographs of the area and a map of the locations

Please Email info@bleakhousefamilyhistory.co.uk for a quotation, stating Book or Booklet and name of street.

If you were a visitor to the latest Warwick Road Reunion arranged by Betty Thompson and took home a copy of one of these surveys, we would like to hear from you and borrow it if possible. This would enable us to add a copy of it to our collection and then return it to you. Please contact us at the email address listed above or ring us on 01924 917414.

Thank you in anticipation………Bleak House Family History Group

    Available 1959 Surveys prior to Demolition

Albert Street                             Blackburn Buildings                    Chapel Street

Cross Chapel Street               Cravens Place                                 Cravens Row 

Dale Street                                 High Street                                     Howard Street

King Street                                 Cross King Street                         Newsomes Place

Pickles Street                             South View                                     Spafield Yard

Town Street                                Trinity Street                                Victoria Street

Warwick Road                           West Street                                   Wilson Wood Street

Woodfield Terrace


Batley Carr Photograph Gallery A

Example Booklet for a Property